Saturday, June 2, 2012

::Things Were Not Get Better,

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Have you ever feel frustration, sadness, envy, anger, despair, hurt, tortured due to something? You're surely sick of that and I am pretty sure about that because I've felt if before even now still feel the pain. But compare to the first time you've meet with this kind of situation, what happen after that? You're feeling so much pain until you thinking that you're not willing to face the problems or situation again. But, in the end, you've meet again with the almost similar situation, and yet, again you meeting with these kind of feeling. 

It just you who get stronger

What happen now? You're realized that the problem that you're facing seems lots more easier, and you can handle it lots more better than before. Until made you thinking that the problem you're facing is less burden compared to earlier, you're thinking that the problem is just simple and you can deal with it. Dear friends, realize that, things were not get better, it just you who get stronger. That's why you can face the problems, and you can deal with it. because you do have some experience on it, and these experience truly making you stronger, and stronger, and stronger. That is why I am keep saying that, what ever your problem is, please do thank the person who making you suffer, because of them, because of their actions, you've learn something new. You've learn to be lots stronger than before. 

Why am I saying this? Because I'm once became a problems to other, and they do learn from my cruel and devilish action. Now, in return, I've learn the same thing, I do became stronger than before. Someday, I'm gonna facing lots more tougher problems, am I ready for that? Yes, I am ready, because I want to be strong, and even stronger. Just remember, things were not get better, it just you who get stronger.

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