Sunday, December 18, 2011


Assalamualaikum w.b.t

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After whole 3 months of somber, finally I've got my spirit back!! Spirit to study, spirit to learn, spirit to be success. A bit worry for me since this spirit comes as my studies here at UTM for this semester is about to end. But still I'm lucky coz there's plenty of time for me to make some improvement, there were space and opportunity for me rearrange my table of life, my study life style.

Yes, it is about the end of semester, but still not the end life. Btw, there are few weeks (2 weeks exactly) before my final exam starts, before my presentation for Undergraduate Project. Thus, I still have time to change any result!! Be better for sure.

Being in gloomy mode for a long period is such a waste for me. But still, this is part of life. Lucky for me I am able to passing through whole 3 month. Finally today I'm wake up from dreams, and ready to face the reality. Thank God for His mercy and bless to me.

Time has come for me to restarts my journey, in the land full with challenges. Wish me success then... ^_^

ps: I'll keep my other problems away for awhile, when the time has come, I'm sure be ready for it, but right now, I have larger responsible here, at UTM.

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