Sunday, February 19, 2012

::Again and Again

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

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Lagi dan lagi tuh la bende yang same terjadi bile awal2 sem bermule. Moral betol2 tinggi, semangat berkobar, prasaan teruje melampau2. But these all feeling only last for few weeks... =P


Coz nature of human, easily to forgot what are their own purpose, intentions and reasons. Berani jamin la, minggu2 awal semangat nak pergi kelas, minggu2 awal semangat denga lecture, awal2 minggu semangat buat kerje bagai. Tapi, dah tengah2 sem, mode nak enjoy tuh da wujud, dapat plak time kepale dah mule masuk air, kene tekan lagi kiri kanan atas bawah. Then suddenly peoples will change.

Back to their origin. G kuliah malas, denga kuliah malas, blaja malas, buat kerje malas. In the end all of the assignments, tasks, works to be done were drag to the end of semester. BUT, also normal for a students being extremely good at the end of semester. Worth of assignment, tasks that actually required several weeks to be done is able to be completed in the minimum time bebeh!!!! haha.... Tapi pecah kepale la kejap, otak hang, life takde... This is the reality, for a students, for an engineering students of course...hehe

But, I have families, i have friends, the do loves me

So, i just wanna see either this semester it going to be different or it will be the same. Hopefully there will be few differences compare to semesters before coz this semester is my last semester (should be) here at UTM. Thus lots of work regarding my final project required my full attentions or else, i'm nt gonna make it on time (this project only)...

Also hopefully i'll be able to continue my studies here peacefully after regain some moral, reborn from the fall as the last semester the toughest semester ever in my life, by having lots of problems, internally and externally... But, I have families, i have friends... They were truly loves me, and they will always support me from behind. Love you guys very much... hehe

ps: Wish me luck ok.... ^_^

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